The 2019 season 

has now come to an end.  Looking back in our guest book we find many eulogies, perhaps at best summarized in the note from a visiting child who would like to buy all the art works. Others praise the historical building which has been thoroughly restored in 2019. One of the visitors from abroad wrote: ‘Stunning and surprising collection, giving an interesting insight in this unique artist’s creation praxis. Thank you for the beauty and inspiration.’

We look forward to reopen on April 1st,  2020.









The Guest apartment

At Odden you can have the unique experience of living in a museum and in the oldest part of the historical  building. The flat was fully renovated in 2017 and accommodates two or three persons, with separate entrance, sleeping- and dining room, kitchen, toilet, bath, washing machine. It can be rented with B+B for two nights at 1600-1800 Breakfast and  entrance fee to the collection is included. Book directly to Odden or  through Airbnb here.


Further information on coming events is available on the Danish language version or by phone or e-mail.