The owners of Odden

From 1454 to 1656 Odden belonged to two branches of the noble family Lunge.


The owner of Odden from 1545-1556, Christoffer Lunge fell in a battle in Sweden. His grandson Jørgen Lunge also fought in Sweden under King Christian IV where he was appointed supreme marshal of the Danish forces. His wife Sophie Brahe erected a large memorial for both of them in the Church of Our Lady in Aalborg. Her husband is portrayed life-size in full armour, surrounded by the coats of arms of his ancestors.


Sophie Brahe governed Odden for forty years before she transferred Odden to the only six year old Mogens Skeel, the heir to the manor of Fussingø. Through marriage with Skeel’s daughter Odden went to the wealthiest man in Denmark, Christian von Plessen, who owned the estate from 1702-1740.


The period after Plessen’s ownership was marked by various civil owners. In 1797 when the former tenants were allowed to acquire their farms more than half of the lands were sold, and in the following decades Odden was run with changing luck as a large farmstead. After the First World War speculation further reduced the size of the estate.


In 1945 the last remnants of the land were sold, and the manor house was left protected, but without any viable perspective. In 1988 it was acquired by Victor Petersen and four years later he gave it to the Willumsen foundation.


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