The Foundation

In 1969 Victor and Kirsten Petersen established a foundation to which they donated their Willumsen collection. The foundation
achieved royal approbation in 1970. In 1989 Odden became the site of the foundation.


The foundation is governed by a board of six persons. Two members represent the family of the founder, two members must have competence with regard to law and art history, one member must be from North Jutland, and one member is appointed by the municipality of Hjørring.


The foundation owns the art works and Odden, but is without other capital. The art works cannot be sold.


Odden’s income stems from entrance fees, sales in the café etc. It receives an annual contribution from the municipality of Hjørring, covering about 1/3 of the running costs. The board and volunteers from the society of supporters therefore take an active part in the daily work in order to keep the collection open to the public.


Large grants from several foundations and the cultural state department have since 2006 enabled us to restore the main building, reconstruct the former stables, and acquire land for the ongoing programme of recreating the surroundings of Odden.

The Society of Tenants

In 1995 Victor Petersen established a society of friends and supporters of the collection which he named “Society of Tenants”. It serves to unite people who have an interest in preserving the Willumsen collection and Odden.


The society has members from all over Denmark. The members receive the society’s news bulletin with information about events at Odden and short articles about Willumsen and his works.


The members’ fees have made it possible to acquire many works by Willumsen, as well as an exquisite grand Blüthner piano, used for concerts, and historical furniture.


The society’s donations are presented at the annual assembly of the members, usually there also is a musical intermezzo, and a traditional Danish meal is served in the historical rooms.


In 2013, on the 150th anniversary of Willumsen’s birth, the society organized a popular gathering which during a week-end attracted over 2000 visitors. 250 persons took part in a gala dinner.


Members of the society are entitled to free entry to Odden and a discount on rental of the guest flat. Membership can be registered at Odden or directly with the society (for addresses see Contact).